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Armstrong Flooring Bankruptcy

By Morten Kucey

Originally Published in SFNet’s TSL, March 2024. Finding the right combination of capital resources and strategic knowledge is complicated; but when it works, it creates value for all constituents.

Geopolitical Impacts on Businesses

By Stacey Schacter

As is evident to most, you don’t need to be a global company to be affected by global events. If your company is looking to expand internationally, focusing on stability and consistency should allow you to thrive.

The Importance of ESG

By Stacey Schacter

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) allows businesses to focus on the bigger picture of caring for people and the planet instead of just the businesses’ financial goals.

What Comes Next: (Re)Inflation?

By VION Investments

We hope everyone is off to a good start as 2021 gets going. In this month’s newsletter, we review at a high level the current commentary over the possibility of inflation in the economy over the next 12-18 months.