• We are the leading experts providing liquidity solutions for consumer and commercial performing, non‑performing, and charged‑off accounts receivable.
  • We are backed by billions in private equity with the speed and flexibility to deliver immediate liquidity
  • We think creatively. We are financial engineers who can provide funding solutions that others cannot
  • We are good business partners who can seize opportunities, grow, and succeed
Business Solutions

VION is the specialty finance company the world turns to for an innovative, agile source of alternative funding, and valuation expertise. We see opportunities where others don’t and can handle sophisticated situations quickly, with strict adherence to compliance guidelines.

Receivables Purchasing

Expertise to unlock
the value in your

Receivables Purchasing

We are a global leader among receivable purchasing companies. When businesses need liquidity, they need a partner who can provide access to funding whether it be a single transaction or ongoing relationship. As portfolio buyers of consumer and commercial receivables, our business customers appreciate our unique funding structures that maximize value. Our banking customers appreciate a dependable partner with strict dedication to compliance.

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Receivables Funding

We create funding structures
others cannot.

Receivables Funding

We help those who are not eligible or are not ready for traditional asset-based or commercial bank loans. We are a creative leader among receivables financing companies, working with companies in unique industries or in special situations. Our customized liquidity solutions help businesses grow by leveraging the entire receivable life cycle, including current, non-performing, and charged-off receivables to meet short and long-term financial needs.

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Receivable Appraisals

Advisory services
and strategies for

Receivable Appraisals

Whether you're a creditor, trustee, or vested party, VION can accurately identify the value in the receivables collateralizing your interest. Our analyses result in the most comprehensive and accurate appraisals of receivable portfolio value in the financial services industry. For more than a decade, many of the world's largest lending institutions have relied on us for detailed appraisals that help them make confident decisions.

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VION Podcast
With Norma Kuntz
Episode 3
April 12, 2023

Join Stacey Schacter and guest Norma Kuntz, CEO of Gordon Brothers, as they discuss learning from mistakes, leadership styles, and being true to personal values.

VION Investments Hires Morten Kucey as Senior Managing Director

VION Investments has named Morten Kucey as Senior Managing Director. Kucey will play a key role in expanding VION's relationships and product offerings across the industry to originate and help structure new opportunities.

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VION CEO Attends TED 2023 in Vancouver

Stacey Schacter, CEO of VION Investments, participated at TED 2023: "Possibility." View some highlights from the event.

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Thank You to the Alternative & Distressed Investing Summit

The Alternative & Distressed Investing Summit was a huge success! Thank you to everyone that saw Stacey speak on the Opportunistic Investment Strategies in a Complex Global Environment panel.

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Press Release:
VION Investments Participates in the Purchase of Armstrong Flooring Assets

VION has partnered with Gordon Brothers in the purchase of a substantial portion of Armstrong Flooring Inc.'s assets, acquiring Armstrong Flooring's accounts receivable.

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Stacey Schacter Joins University of Pittsburgh for New Venture Initiation Panel
Stacey Schacter served as an industry partner, advisor, and panelist for student entrepreneurs as part of the University of Pittsburgh's Entrepreneurship and New Venture Initiation

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Press Release:
VION Investments Partners with GemCap in Low- and Middle-Market Commercial Funding

VION is pleased to announce an investment in GemCap, a San Antonio based lender with expertise providing credit lines, term loans, and factoring to low-to-middle market companies in the United States and Canada.

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