VION CEO Stacey Schacter Speaking at ABS East

Atlanta, GA Ñ April 5, 2019. VION CEO Stacey Schacter will be speaking during the following session on September 22 at 12:30pm:

The New Esoteric: Exploring the Potential for New Asset Classes Using Securitization as a Tool

  • Recounting all the triumphs of ABS, from both a social and economic perspective
  • Examples of how ABS has funded new asset classes and startup companies that otherwise would not have launched
  • How securitization really is the best technology for disintermediating risk
  • Funding African Development Bank projects, resolving non-performing loan balances, and funding exciting new VCs: what are the new ÔesotericÕ asset classes for ABS?
  • Have MPLs, solar, tax equity and other unique asset classes lost their ÔesotericÕ label and joined their plain vanilla counterparts?