Leading experts, providing liquidity solutions for consumer and commercial performing, non-performing, and charged-off accounts receivable. We are backed by billions in private equity with the speed and flexibility to deliver immedite liquidity. We think creatively. We are financial engineers who can provide funding solutions that others cannot. We are good business partners who can help you seize opportunities grow and succeed.

Your Alternative Funding Source

We help companies leverage current, future, non-performing, and charged-off receivables to meet financial needs.



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receivables purchasing
Portfolios Purchasing

For businesses seeking liquidity solutions, we provide access to funding with a long-term view. As a global buyer of consumer and commercial receivables, we offer unique funding structures for challenging needs. Our banking customers value our dependability and strict dedication to compliance.

receivables financing
Based Funding

We specialize in working with companies in unique industries or with specialized receivables who do not qualify for traditional asset-based or commercial bank loans. We offer alternative funding solutions by leveraging their receivables life cycle, including current, future, non-performing, and charged-off receivables.

receivables appraisals

We deliver spot-on consumer or commercial receivable portfolio appraisals to help our clients make informed business and valuation decisions regarding receivable assets in any market. Our appraisal services are the most advanced data collection and analysis service in the receivables industry.

VION is the specialty finance company the world turns to for an innovative, agile source of alternative funding. We see opportunities where others don't and can handle sophisticated situations quickly, with strict adherence to compliance guidelines. Through three core services — Receivables Purchasing, Receivables Funding and Receivables Appraisals — our customers benefit from unique deal structures and a partner with a vested interest in seeing them succeed long term.

VION Receivable Investments
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