Joint Ventures

VION is a direct investor in domestic and international consumer and commercial accounts receivable. As a passive investor, we require the expertise of Joint Venture partners with specific industry experience across a wide variety of industries. VION is driven by an opportunistic business model that has no asset class limitations.

We look for buyers, service providers, referrals, brokers, and consultants that are niche experts and have proven operations that we can expand through our direct investment.

Service Providers

VION provides a range of solutions to help receivables service providers grow. Our expertise includes:

  • Portfolios with the potential be recalled or sold
  • Niche collections expertise
  • Assistance with the purchase of client portfolios for equity stake in mutual transactions
  • Scalable business proposals based upon accounts receivables

Capital Seekers

Whether you're a national, state, regional, or niche operator, VION can help you grow your profitable operation through a joint venture. We can provide management, analytics, and capital. We have significant, dedicated capital specifically earmarked for partnering with operators seeking to grow businesses over the mid- to long term.

Referral Sourcing / Brokers

VION's business model is ideal for broker and referral sourcing. Whether you are independent or a functional operator, VION can structure a broker or referral program to satisfy all interests. We offer a range of agreement options including fee relationships and active operational participation.

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