July 1 2013
VION's Arizona Financial Office Moves to Scottsdale
March 19 2013
VION Completes Sale of $1.3 Billion Loan Portfolio
March 7 2013
VION's Chief Development Officer joins the Board of Advisors for Colorado State University
January 16 2013
VION Investments Acquires $72 Million in Credit Card Receivables
January 13 2013
VION Hires Kathryn Schilling as Marketing Assistant
October 13 2012
VION Announces Multi-Million Dollar Line of Credit
July 11 2012
VION Announces Private/Public Partnership with (RITBA)
February 6 2012
VION Announces Purchase of €850M (US $1.1B) in Spanish Receivables
February 1 2012
VION Purchased Land-Secured Loan Portfolio
February 1 2012
VION Opens Madrid Office
April 18 2011
VION Announces Expansion into Merchant Cash Advance Business
March 31 2011
VION Investments Hires Neil Brodsky as General Counsel
September 21 2010
VION Announces Acquisition of Interest in Pool of Performing Receivables
April 27 2010
VION Investments Hires Anthony Azizeh as Senior Financial Analyst
April 27 2010
VION Hires Jason Van Vacter as Director of Analytics and Infrastructure
April 26 2010
VION Hires Cheryl Karcher as Vice President of Analytics
April 8 2010
VION Investments Hires David Reak as COO
April 8 2010
VION Partners with Global Debt Registry
March 25 2010
Hudson & Keyse, LLC Completes Debt Restructuring with VION