Municipal Capital

VION Municipal Capital (VMC) develops programs that accelerate revenue for governments and provide upside benefits for stakeholders and taxpayers. While outright asset sales will be considered by VMC, we also have a strong belief that Public Private Partnerships (PPP) can produce substantial benefits for both parties.

VMC believes that a PPP solution can offer a better financial structure than an outright asset sale or bonding debt and provide an opportunity for the government to regain control of the asset at a point in the future while benefitting from private sector efficiencies during the term of the PPP.

VMC understands both the role of government and the role of the private sector. We have experience in both and have experience with complex outsourcing of government operations and partnering with governments toward a common goal.

What Will We Collect?

  • Traffic violations, court ordered fines fees and costs
    • Parking
    • Moving
    • Automated Toll
    • Municipal, District & County Courts
  • Non-compliance is having a negative effect on Governments
    • Eroding tax base from real estate market contraction
    • Collection resources scarce in contracting government budgets
    • Budget deficits growing
    • Revenue Acceleration offers alternative to layoffs/service cuts
    • Collections require more resources in down economy
    • Taxpayers fund delinquencies in tax levy

What Will We Provide Our Clients?

  • Monetize Receivables and Accelerate Revenue
  • Outsource transportation related projects
    • On street parking meters
      • Revenue Acceleration
      • Securitize revenue stream
    • Not a Receivables Sale (Minimum guaranteed collection revenue)
      • Advance Cash
      • Parking meters
      • Automated Citation Issuance Devices
      • Violation processing services
      • Automated Toll Services
      • License Plate Recognition Systems

What Will We Finance?

  • Lighting and Energy
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    • Comprehensive audit
    • Installation
    • Maintenance
    • Planned upgrades
  • On street/Off Street meter spaces
    • Management of parking meters
    • Multi & Single Space
    • Violation processing
    • Ticket issuance
    • Enforcement
    • Accelerate project revenue
  • Tolling Facilities
    • Equipment
    • Installation
    • Operation
    • Maintenance
    • Violation processing
    • Accelerate project revenue