We are the receivable experts. We offer services and solutions for businesses in any segment of the receivables chain. Whether you are an issuer, a servicer, or buyer of portfolios, we have the resources and expertise to help you manage or leverage your receivable assets. We also provide expert appraisal services to owners or lenders seeking to understand the value receivable portfolios.

Receivable Portfolios Purchasing

Our industry leading management team can help any lending institution facing issues of liquidity, covenant restrictions, and compliance.

VION's interest is not limited to your "good" receivables. We are willing and able to purchase ALL accounts, including those that are delinquent or have been charged off. VION has solutions available to deal with the unique requirements affecting specialized industries, such as medical and education. We have expertise in more than 50 industries with each segment and every engagement presenting a unique set of challenges.

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Receivables Based Funding

Spot Factoring: VION will buy a single pool on a spot basis to accelerate cash flow for a specific purpose or to exit a discontinued operation or liquidating division.

Flow Factoring: VION will buy ongoing originations of commercial and consumer receivables to support working capital needs of companies "in transition."

We specialize in working with companies in unique industries or in special situations with specialized receivables that makes them unable to qualify for traditional lenders.

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Receivable portfolios used to collateralize loans are experiencing increased performance stress. The days of simple subtraction by aging bucket are taking a back seat to more sophisticated analysis methods. During the term of the collateralized loan, regularly scheduled appraisals identifying key portfolio deterioration triggers may mitigate losses resulting from defaults that are widespread in today's economic market.

VION has unmatched expertise in the valuation of accounts receivable portfolios and operations.

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VION is a direct investor in domestic and international consumer and commercial accounts receivable. As a passive investor, we require the expertise of Joint Venture partners with specific industry experience across a wide variety of industries. VION is driven by an opportunistic business model that has no asset class limitations.

We look for buyers, service providers, referrals, brokers, and consultants that are niche experts and have proven operations that we can expand through our direct investment.

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