Receivables Based Funding

A start-up, a company in an out-of-favor industry, a business with sub-prime concerns – we help those who do not qualify for traditional asset-based or commercial bank loans gain access to new capital through receivables funding. We are a global leader among receivables financing companies. In fact, we specialize in working with companies in unique industries or in special situations with specialized receivables. How? With timely, customized liquidity solutions that help you preserve and grow your business by leveraging the entire receivable life cycle, including current, future, non-performing, and charged-off receivables to meet short- and long-term financial needs.

What makes us unique?

Compound Investing. Very few companies approach investing the way we do, allowing compounded growth to take place with no current pay interest or repatriation of funds. This creates less debt, greater business value, and faster growth for the operator. You secure funding quickly while eliminating the expense of a traditional bank loan or increased line of credit. Because we want to work with companies long term, we can make up to seven-year commitments to be your sole funding source.

Beyond funding.

Take advantage of our receivables management expertise. Our analysts, finance experts, and performance managers give you advanced receivables related analytics and proven debt-management strategies. We review operator accounting, cash management, cash flow efficiencies, collection activities, and profitability measurements. It’s added expertise that builds a stronger, more efficient business, and a safer investment for our stakeholders.

We invest in your success.

Our approach to A/R funding and receivables based lending helps you seize opportunity, profit, and grow. We do not seek operational equity in companies and we don't attach restrictive contingencies. Our interests and risks are with receivable assets only, and typical forward-flow fundings range between $10M - $100M+.

Spot Purchasing

VION will buy a single pool of accounts receivable on a spot basis to accelerate cash flow for a specific purpose (make an acquisition, pay a debt, pay taxes, manage balance sheets), or to exit a discontinued operation or liquidating division.

Flow Purchasing

VION will buy ongoing originations of commercial and consumer receivables to support working capital needs of companies "in transition." Early-cycle companies, high-growth companies, management buyouts, debtors-in-possession, turnarounds, bank workouts can all benefit from an appropriately structured facility.

"VION buys commercial receivables from companies unable to access traditional forms of financing. We will acquire a portfolio of receivables in a single purchase as part of a restructuring, down-sizing, or liquidation plan. In addition, we acquire ongoing flows of commercial receivables and provide factoring facilities and back office credit and collection support. We can also acquire the debt of companies in need of balance sheet recapitalization to deliver the greatest value in meeting the liquidity needs of our clients."
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Barbara Anderson - Executive Managing Director

Barbara Anderson is Executive Managing Director at VION Receivable Investments primarily responsible for commercial receivable acquisitions. She was instrumental in the formation and development of VION's specialty acquisition programs in the medical sector and government sector as well as spear-heading VION's efforts in acquiring secured distressed commercial debt from banks and finance companies nationally. In addition, she is responsible for structuring factoring transactions as well as static pool commercial receivable purchases both in and out of bankruptcy.

Mrs. Anderson has 25 years of financial services experience including commercial lending, asset-based lending, factoring, and specialized retail finance. She obtained formal credit training at National Westminster Bank USA during a two-year management-training program after which she managed a $750 million portfolio of 27 lending relationships with consumer and commercial finance companies. After leaving NatWestUSA in 1991, she ran all business development activities for Allstate Financial Corporation (a publically traded factoring company based in Arlington, Virginia) and held several senior business development positions for The CIT Group in the Mid-Atlantic region.

From 1998 through 2009 Mrs. Anderson held senior management positions at BankBoston Retail Finance (now Bank of America) and BackBay Capital (a second lien lender), and started and managed three retail finance companies: IBJ Whitehall Retail Finance, LaSalle Retail Finance (now Bank of America), and National City Retail Finance (now PNC Bank). During this 12-year period, she worked with hundreds of small- and mid-cap companies as well as large publically traded companies to provide financing for acquisitions, restructurings, bankruptcies, recapitalizations, and refinancing with transaction sizes ranging from $10 million to $450 million. She was responsible for all new business origination and underwriting originating over $3 billion of new business for the companies she ran.

Mrs. Anderson attended Colgate University where she was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and graduated magna cum laude. She is an active member of the American Bankruptcy Institute and the Turnaround Management Association where she serves on the Board of the TMA Chesapeake Chapter. In addition, she is on the Board of Directors of the Commercial Finance Association.