Accounts Receivable Management



Quite simply, we get deals done. Whether you’re a business looking for funding or another finance company looking for a dependable partner, we offer access to billions in capital with funding uniquely structured around your needs.

VION Investments:

  • offers purchase and funding options at any point in the receivables lifecycle, including entities involved in divestitures, liquidations, and turnarounds.
  • works with consumer, commercial, industrial and municipal/government accounts receivable worldwide in a broad array of industries and in diverse markets – we have no boxes to check.
  • seeks long-term engagements ranging from several million to more than one billion dollars that create true value, though we also work on single purpose transactions.
  • is unhindered by restrictive financing covenants, assets class, or servicing capabilities.
  • works quickly, from term sheet to closing in as little as two weeks.
  • has an active management style, partnering with well-established servicing agents around the world who can deliver immediate access to new industries and markets with high-value potential, giving us valuable market insight that ensures the viability, quality, and success of our investments.
  • solves problems creatively, delivering fast liquidity and alternative funding solutions in almost any receivable asset class.
  • is a market pioneer, wading into industries and emerging markets with huge potential but limited history of receivables-based funding.
  • pursues new partners and opportunities in markets underserved by traditional investors. We are first-adopters, consumers of new ideas and look for like-minded business visionaries.

Over the years we have helped a multi-region Spanish bank raise capital by purchasing receivables; worked with a U.S. Government agency to acquire a distressed financial institution; provided capital to build open road tolling lanes on a major interstate highway bridge; provided a multi-million dollar financing facility for an oil and gas producer; and so much more. Just imagine what we could help you achieve.