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When you need consumer or commercial accounts receivable appraisals, you want the spot-on accuracy, analysis and insights that help you make informed business and valuation decisions regarding receivable assets in any market. That’s VION’s Portfolio Appraisal And Field Audit division. We have the most advanced data collection and analysis service for receivable asset appraisals in the industry.

Proven Receivables Appraisal Experts increase understanding, mitigate risk.

As one of the world's largest buyers of receivable portfolios, we have unmatched appraisal experience. We are the only major buyer of receivables offering our expertise as an advisory service with a valuation guaranty.

We succeed because of our extreme attention to detail, due diligence and insights earned from deep experience. For example, we monitor the economic trends and fluctuations that affect portfolio values. We model every portfolio we review for going concern, Chapter 11, and liquidation scenarios for current and projected market conditions. We assess internal business operations and their impact on the portfolio including management strength, sales, customer service, credit approval process, collection strategy, information technologies, and disaster recovery.

Our analyses result in the most comprehensive and accurate appraisals of receivable portfolio value in the financial services industry. Whether you’re a creditor, trustee, or vested party, VION can accurately identify the value in the receivables collateralizing your interest. For more than a decade, many of the world's largest lending institutions have relied on us for detailed appraisals that help them make confident decisions.

Long term: We offer ongoing appraisal maintenance on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis and continually track market prices and trends that may affect portfolio value, notifying clients upon change.

Should liquidation of a receivable asset become necessary, VION has the capability and financial resources to purchase the affected receivables. When called upon to do so, we have never paid less than our appraised value, even in cases of bankruptcy.

Client Testimonials
"Members of the VION team performed the appraisal and were instrumental in the acquisition of the receivables when the company filed bankruptcy. The portfolio consisted of $35 million face value in private label credit card receivables. The purchase price approximated the appraisal value, around 86%."

– Upscale Detroit based retail department store

"Members of the VION team had been the appraiser on this portfolio for many years. When the company filed for bankruptcy, these members acted as consultants to the highest bidding group. Face value $70 million."

– Large jewelry chain with retail locations across the southern United States

"Members of the VION appraisal team were the appraisers for the original lender. A new lender used another appraiser who appraised the receivables well above market. When the Company filed bankruptcy, the new appraiser dropped out of the bidding. Members of the VION appraisal team were the high bidder and acquired the receivables at 73% of the newly appraised price. Expected future cash flows $36 million."

– Texas musical instrument sales and rental company

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